20 Digital electric pianos in one

Glassy is an EP module (+ pads) inspired on the lovely Digital Electric Piano sounds from the late '80s and '90s. Recreated by spectral modeling, offering 20 studio-quality Digital Pianos in just 35MB.

Glassy Audio Demos

There's no 90's without these sounds. And we brought them back in a studio-grade virtual instrument, using a different approach.

Most of the Digital Electric Pianos were made upon FM (DX7) and additive-like synthesis (i.e. MKS-20). We used spectral modeling to recreate a create those unique timbres and to propose some new one.


No FM, No Samples. An MKS20-like approach

Glassy was built using spectral modeling. In some way it's related with MKS-20 Synthesis method. We used spectral models to recreate famous sounds and to introduce new ones. With a detailed control of the harmonics over the keyboard range.

Product details

-Digital Electric Piano +pads module
-20 Factory EP Sounds included
-Chorus and Phaser FX
-HD Scalable interface.
-Pad Generator w/filter
-No extra purchases needed (like Kontakt, UVI, etc) or any other 3rd. party player.
-Ready to be loaded into major DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Cakewalk, Reaper, BitWig, Nuendo, FLstudio, etc)
-Win 32/64 bits and Mac VST/AU/Standalone versions included
-About ~35MB installed.
-No library installation required.
-No online activation required.