The first Nylon-Electric-Piano based on Spectral Transformation.

VST/AU Standalone Win & Mac.

ElectroNylon: A never-seen-before instrument based on REAL-TIME SPECTRAL TRANSFORMATION that will allow you to go from a Nylon Guitar to an Electric Piano in real-time, just moving a slider.

ElectroNylon is the first instrument of our Luthier-Series. A space for the creativity of our developers :)

Download now ($49)

Only 35MB, no library installation required.


"An instrument that offers realtime spectral transformation from a nylon guitar to an electric piano."

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"Sampleson's ElectroNylon might be the weirdest piano plug-in you'll own"

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"ElectroNylon weird looking nylon guitar/electric piano hybrid virtual instrument."

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The spirit behind the Luthier Series is to bring to life crazy and impossible ideas, mixing sounds and behaviors from instruments we love, and making them playable and enjoyable virtual instruments ready to inspire you.

ElectroNylon is the first creation of this series. A unique sound including finger noises, slides, and many other details from a nylon guitar mixed with the vintage sound that a reed and tines electric piano can create.


ElectroNylon is based on Spectral Modeling (realistic modeling technique since spectral models are scanned from real instruments).

ElectroNylon is an electric piano and a nylon guitar, and everything in the middle. A unique instrument made out of the spectral models from a nylon guitar and two electric pianos (reeds and tines based).

Real-time spectral transformation takes harmonics and formants and blends them mathematically. Allowing you to do this transformation in real-time with no CPU-usage increment.


4k scalable interface

Product details

- Spectral Modeled Nylon Electric Piano.
- Real-time Spectral transformations. - Based on real samples.
- Only 35MB.
- No velocity-switching.
- Ambient FX.
- Chorus FX.
- Drive FX.
- Reverb FX.
- Scalable HD interface.
- MacOS Catalina Ready.
- Easy install.
- No extra purchases needed (like Kontakt, UVI, etc) or any other 3rd party player.
- Ready to be loaded into major DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Cakewalk, Reaper, BitWig, Nuendo, FL Studio etc).
- MacOS Catalina / Big Sur / Monterey Ready.
- Win 64 bits and Mac VST/AU/Standalone versions included.