Spectral modeled Reed-EP

The first Spectral Modeled reed EP based on real samples entirely rebuilt by modeling. Offering the real sound and feel of the real instrument in just 30MB.

Spectral Modeled Reed-based EP

Reed200 is our second spectral modeled instrument. We can say it's all that we dreamed about. Clean and responsive timbre made out of the real model. Stacking up to 600 pure sinewaves, we achieved a perfect and accurate timbre reproducing the sound that a reed-ep generates on the line output. (Also we included a cabinet and drive emulator)

As in our Markus 88, we did most of the jobs manually. Despite the deep spectrum analysis we used to decode the timbre DNA, we focused on recreating the real feel of pushing down a key in a real model.

See it in action

Try some chord by yourself.

(Recorded dry. No FX, no Eq. No Reverb. Pure Reed200 timbre)

F Maj7

Bb 7/11+





F Maj7

C Run


We discovered the Reed timbre is kind of unique. After doing our first modeled electric piano, Markus 88, we can tell electric reeds has some characteristics on the spectrum that makes it more dirty and punchy.

What we've learned is that the main difference between tines and reed is the perfect octaves harmonics (meaning 12 semitones up, 24, 36, 48, etc). Envelope for those partials are quite louder than in a tine-based EP and this is one of the main secrets of reed-ep timbre

You can play a bit with this characteristic with our "Color" slider on our main interface.

What exactly is Spectral modeling?

Every sound in nature can be decomposed into simple sine waves. From a bird tweet to a trumpet note. Spectral modeling is the process of analyzing and creating a sound by stacking simple sine waves.

According to Julius O. Smith (Standford) Spectral modeling provides a sound representation much closer to the perception of sound by the brain because your ear and brain are in fact spectral decoders.

You can read more about Spectral Modeling here.

Product details

-Spectral modeled full range reed EP
-No extra purchases needed (like Kontakt, UVI, etc) or any other 3rd. party player.
-Ready to be loaded into major DAWs (Cubase, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Cakewalk, Reaper, BitWig, Nuendo, FLstudio, etc)
-No layer switching (Smooth velocity curve).
-Phaser, Reverb and Color adjusment.
-Releases and velocity controls.
-Win 32/64 bits and Mac VST/AU/Standalone versions included
-Just 30MB installed.
-No library installation required.
-No online activation required.