Dyno Mod

Audio Effect VST and AU Plug-in for the electric pianos

The Dyno mod was a famous hardware add-on for the electric pianos in the early 70's. We recreated the FX to be used for free on any electric pianos VST/AU instrument, but it's specially designed for Sampleson's Markus 88 Electric Piano

Dyno Mod in action

The effect was developed to enhance high and low harmonics and to give a wider feel to the Markus 88 Spectral Modeled Electric Piano

Despite this, the module can be used over any electric piano VST. As far as it's designed to act over high harmonic spectrum you'll notice a blowing sound (produced by recorded samples) if it's used over a sample-based electric piano

CAUTION: Dyno Mod is indicated for modeled pianos like Markus 88 EP. Applying Dyno Mod to sample-based pianos may generate noise on high frequencies.


Modeled electric pianos (like our new Markus 88) are able to reproduce a wide range of high harmonics without any noise. You can increase high frequencies to the infinite within Markus 88 EP and you won't hear any blowing or mic noise, because there are no samples or recordings involved.

This gives a huge amount of possibilities and tweaking options a sampled instrument won't be able to. Also harmonics on Markus 88 are independent (just like in real life) and they react differently depending on the amount of FX applied.

Download Markus 88 here >>

Product details

-VST / AU Stereo Effect Plugin
-Frequency and Gain control for low and high harmonics
-Stereo spread incorporated

-Win 32/64 bits and Mac VST/AU versions included
-Lifetime Free
-No online activation required.
-No 3rd party software/player needed.
-Compatible with major DAWs.