Electrix. Rare EP

*BedroomProducersBlog Custom Version

The recreation of the rare and famous EP used by many rock bands in a custom version developed for Bedroom Producers Blog.

Electrix stopped being donationware a few days ago. This is why.

What's new on BPB version?

Since our first release, we've be woking hard on performance improvements and mods. We realy wanted to create an enhaced version for our friends of BPB (BedroomProducersBlog.com)

The BPB custom version features a Stereo Tremolo recreating the popular effect of many Electric Pianos in the 70's. Also equiped with a frequency control knob.

Electric rebirth

A rare EP from the early 70's: We rebuilt every single detail of this rare and beautiful instrument. From hammer noises to releases.

Sound can be described as a half-way between thies and reeds, but with a vintage dirty touch


Electrix is the result of more than 1200 hours of develop and testing. Native 64bit and perfectly balanced to fit into any professional mix. Available for Mac and PC, VSTi, AU and Standalone versions are included.


-PC/MAC compatible.
-AU/VSTi and Standalone.
-Compatible with almost any DAW.
-Small footpint (~25MB)
-Stereo tremolo.
-Vibrato (Same as used on "No Quarter")
-Phaser FX.
-No activation required.

The Donation Effect

Electrix Piano's is offered as donationware. YES! you can get it for free without any limitations. By click the button below you'll be asked for a donation (can be $0). Why? Because we think piracy and malware is killing the software industry. If you want something for free, you'll figure out how to get it. But if we release it for free and our Electrix Rare Electric Piano really inspires you, we know you will help us create new instruments like this one.