Introducing Electrix

Rare Electric Piano

The recreation of the rare and famous Hohner Eletra Piano T used by Led Zeppelin in "Stairway to Heaven", "Misty Mountain Hop", "No Quarter" and "Down by the Seaside".

Between Rhodes and Wurlitzer

Where it all begins. Hohner created The Electra Piano T in the early 70's and was followed by other electric piano manufacturers. It uses forks strucked by hammers and electronically converts vibrations transmitted to a transistorised amplifier.

Sound can be described as a half-way between Rhodes and Wurlitzer, but with a vintage dirty touch


Bruce @ GearSlutz

I think it sounds fantastic.... immediately recommended it to my son who is always looking for good ePiano's. I suspect you'll be getting donations from folks, because people appreciate a job really well done!

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Steve @ KVR

Well, I downloaded it for free, and within a minute of pulling it up, I was able to come up with the beginning of a new track--especially once I added a nice phaser and plate reverb. I'm going back to donate now. Anything that can help create a tune is worth a few bucks, at least.

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Nicola @ BPB

Hello Tomislav, I now read your blog everyday: you have some fantastic resources, and this is one of them. Thank you for putting out this Electrix Plugin and thanks to Augusto for developing it :-)

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Wade @ KVR

This is a very very very playable instrument. Really sounds good. Very playable, musical, and inspiring. I LOVE it. Thank you!!.

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Lifewhyz @ KVR

Sampleson Electrix sounds AMAZING! Not to mention, it's FREE! Seriously, check out the samples above. Especially the Sampleson Electrix Zep. The upper-mids are so crisp. The lower mids were really juicy. The lows: thick, warm and inviting. And the high end... man, the high end is just heavenly. The transients had a nice smack to them and the overall sonic image is wide, yet direct.

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Glyn @ CakeWalk

Decide to get it donate $10, I will know if this is a "fair" price when I have tried it out. Its only 11Mb, so not sample based and not an issue for installation location.

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Electrix is the result of more than 1200 hours of develop and testing. Native 64bit and perfectly balanced to fit into any professional mix. Available for Mac and PC, VSTi, AU and Standalone versions are included.

The 70's at your fingertips.

Electrix Piano's is a sound modeled instrument and was made recreating every single detail from the original Hohner Electra Piano T. Main sound, noises, releases, tines, resonance and effects has been carefully integrated into a serious dynamic range instrument.

The Donation Effect

Electrix Piano's is offered as donationware. YES! you can get it for free without any limitations. By click the button below you'll be asked for a donation (can be $0). Why? Because we think piracy and malware is killing the software industry. If you want something for free, you'll figure out how to get it. But if we release it for free and our Electrix Rare Electric Piano really inspires you, we know you will help us create new instruments like this one.

-PC/MAC compatible.
-AU/VSTi and Standalone.
-Compatible with almost any DAW.
-Small footpint (~25MB)
-No activation required.
-Lifetime free.